Racket testing - pickup in store

Tennis racket testing

Tennis racket testing

For testing, we have most of the tennis rackets available in our store.

To try out the selected model, please make an appointment in advance - book a racket for a specific day or hour. Reservations can be made by phone (226 212 750) or by e-mail (sklep@protenis.com.pl). The test racket is picked up at the Protenis store, ul. Myśliwiecka 4a, 00-459 Warsaw.


  1. At the time of rental, we charge a deposit of PLN 600 in the event of permanent damage (cracks in the racket) or failure to return the rocket within the set time limit.
  2. The cost of testing 1 rocket model is PLN 20 per day.  
  3. Rackets, the so-called "testers" can be stretched with different tensions.
  4. It is possible to order the racket with the string and tension force of his choice for the test (then the customeris  informed about the additional costs of tennis string and service.
  5. When buying a racket, we do not charge a fee beyond its testing.
  6. The maximum period of testing the racket is 14 days.


You can rent several tennis rackets at a time. The condition is to pay the deposit multiplied by the number of rackets.

We recommend that you stretch the rackets with the same string and string tension.


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