Frequent questions

1. Do the products have a guarantee?

All products are guaranteed by the manufacturer or importer.

2. Can I cancel my order?

In order to cancel an order, add or remove one of the ordered products or change the form of delivery, please contact us by phone - 22 621 27 50.
You can also send an e-mail with the appropriate instruction:

If the order has already been processed, we cannot make any changes.

3. Can orders be combined?

If we receive two or more orders from one customer within one day, we will combine them together to minimize delivery costs. You can also combine orders when the data on the invoices are to be different. We will issue separate invoices for each order despite one common shipment.

4. I have paid the entire amount of the order, and the product is missing. What now?

If for some reason the store was unable to complete the order in whole or in part, the amount paid for the ordered goods or part of it will be refunded to the indicated bank account number. If the buyer so wishes, it can be used for possible future purchases.

5. Will I get a proof of purchase?

An invoice or a receipt is attached to each order. The invoice can be issued to any person. The data will be placed on the order form.

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